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Global Warming  – A Danger to Mankind (Topic for JAM Round)

Jam Topics Global warming

Global warming is an ecological threat that the world is currently witnessing. The overall imbalance in nature is mainly the reason behind it. Most commonly global warming is referred to the rise in temperature that is occurring everywhere around us and it is drastically changing the climatic conditions.

The abnormal weather conditions affect almost every organism on the earth. Some activities by human being cause to release gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, nitrous oxide etc. in excessive quantities. These gases absorb the sun’s heat and exude the same accordingly keeping the atmosphere warm.

The refrigeration and air conditioning release Chlorofluorocarbons which is extremely harmful to the ozone layer. The earth is encompassed by the ozone layer and by entrapping the harmful ultraviolet rays it regulates the temperature. The quickening of the hydrogen cycle is one of the comprehensive effects of global warming. It causes many natural calamities such droughts, floods or hurricanes. If the hydrogen cycle continues to accelerate Most of the living creatures will sooner or later be extinct.

Marine life is deeply affected due to the acceleration and in the coming future fishing industries may undergo a crisis. For mankind, Global warming is undoubtedly a hazard if not curbed within a reasonable period. For the increased pollution in the atmosphere, everybody should sincerely admit that he/she is accountable and should reduce the usage of unnecessary gadgets which causes these damages. The scientists should take a step actively and more substitutes should be invented by them.

JAM Topics

Education Qualification for Politician (Topics for JAM Round)

Jam Topics Politics
Jam Topics Politics

Importance of Educational Qualification for Politicians

Many leadership attributes are gained through education so politician should be people with high education. Leaders who are not educated cannot deal with the change hereafter it hampers the development of the country. For a leader, education is necessary, it is important for the country’s bright future and fortune.

As it is, now a day, the basic need of a person, but yes, till a certain level it should not be fixed. A leader should be a person who is matured, experienced, kind, educated, and who should understand peoples’ feelings, thinking, vision etc. And from education itself and our moral life all that comes. In my view, as politicians are the persons who rule the society they need higher education.

For politician’s education there is no rule and often we see that a highly qualified person, like an IAS Officer, is working with the uneducated person who is uneducated. For the politicians only qualification is not sufficient, persons who have good leadership qualities and who is genuine is required as a politician. Knowledge is more indispensable than a written degree, by paying some amount anyone can get a degree in today’s world.

To ruin illiteracy from our country Government is introducing many policies. There is no use to make All citizens literate If the leader is an illiterate person. Only a well-educated leader can make a corruption free nation. As a conclusion, it can be said that rather than a show of degree knowledge should be trusted.

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