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Some Useful tips, Do’s & Donts’s on JAM Topics  

JAM Topics: The ways to interview people for the jobs have changed long back. The process usually involves many things other than the writing test. The companies that want to recruit the candidates for the requirement want something else beyond the technical abilities for the job, and that is how terms like group discussion, Just A Minute, JAM Topics, have been introduced over the last decade to select the candidates.

JAM Topics

Until the last few years, there were just a few steps to get a job. The first round was a written test and the interview was the second one. This was as simple as that. Today we are getting to hear certain names in a lot of rounds like written test, group discussion, telephone interview, technical interview, HR interview and so on.

Some of you might have already heard about another round: JAM session or Just A Minute where the candidate will be judged in a very short span of time and the probability of the success in the interview could be decided by his performance in this particular round. Aol Mail Login

JAM Topics is a session where a candidate will be assuming the increasing the importance of the late, and this article is all about presenting the fundamental’s of this emerging concept about the Jam topics and help you in succeeding in this technique within no time.

The Jam sessions vary depending on the recruiting companies and the sessions are organized before or after the written test to eliminate the number of the candidates. This is the session where a small group of candidates will be asked to talk on a topic that is given at the moment. It is just a topic that will be given and the candidate will be judged based on the presentation. The companies usually prefer one-to-one JAM sessions before or along with the interviews to test the Spoken English ability of the filtered candidate.

Skills That Are Tested in Just A Minute(JAM) Round

As the name says, Just A Minute is a process where the candidate has to speak on the instantly given topic for a minute. This is where the candidate will be tested on certain things like the ability of the candidate to speak and creative thinking in the given time. The topic given in this round could be anything and could probably be out of proportion.

As said before, in the earlier days, there are only a couple of rounds for the job interview in the competitive world and there are a huge number of rounds where the recruiter tests the candidate. The questions that are asked in this round are totally irrelevant compared to that of the questions that are in the other rounds. The other round that is similar to JAM Session is Group discussion where a group of aspirants is allowed to sit and given a topic to talk and the recruiters will evaluate the candidate communications skills and the personality development skills.

Some of the students might have already faced the Just A Minute Round in some of the interviews while some don’t know what it exactly means and some have no clue what it means and what kind of topics will be given. HOW TO START THE TOPIC, JAM TOPICS. This article is for all those students and here we have mentioned all the Just A Minute Topics, Do’s and Don’ts during JAM TOPICS TIPS, HOW TO FACE JAM SESSION.


What is JAM ?

Like we said above, JAM is an acronym for the Just A Minute. It is one of those Rounds in the interviews which is organized by the company that is conducting the recruitment in some of the interviews. The JAM Session is the one that is organized by the company recruitment board for the candidates who attend for the job. This round is to test the skills of the candidate in a minute where he/she has to speak for a minute on the given topic that is given instantly. These are the things that will be tested in the whole session.


Time management

Sense Of Humor

Communication skills

The flow of thoughts & also the speech.


Spoken English & fluency

General Knowledge

The List of  Do’s & Don’t in JUST A MINUTE interview round (JAM Topics)


If you are good at the list mentioned below, then your JAM Session topics is perfect.

Do not be nervous while presenting your views on the given topic.

Always have a smile on the face until the end of the session.

Make the use of simple language and make sure you are confident enough while presenting them.

Have a clear voice while talking.

Use the proper grammar.

If you are given to choose the topic, then choose the topic related to Social, Political, Economical, Legal/Language and Technical (SPELT).

Have the positive outlook.

Always have a Thanking note at the end of your presentation.

If you could manage to get these guidelines that are needed to be followed, then you are probably going to succeed in the JAM topics in the Recruitment process.


JAM Topics: Avoid the things that are mentioned below

Do not get nervous and babbler while presenting your views in front of the panel of interviewers It gives the wrong vibes.

Do not use the wrong grammar while talking.

Don’t try to give more gap in between the words and don’t take so much of time to express.

Try to avoid clichés and the obvious answers.

Don’t beat the bush.

Don’t have long pauses.

Don’t make the use of mother tongue in between the topic. Try to maintain simple and clear words while talking as it gives good impression for the interviewers.


In the beginning, practice with some of the random and simple JAM TOPICS with the fields that you are interested in. Then prefer for the short topics that you can prefer.

So, now, you can take some more time for the essential topics like current affairs or any of the trending topics.

While practicing, check the grammar and have a daily practice of minimum 10-20 topics per day.

Read the DO’s that are mentioned above.

JAM Topics With practice, you can get perfect at the usage of grammar and with time, you can get perfect with it.

Keep the language simple and practice it like that.

Watch the news channels in English, talk in English and speak in English with other and make it a habit. That is when you will be good in English as well as communication skills.

We are listing the 21 ideas that may help you to perform in the JAM Sessions topics.

JAM Topics: Words of Wisdom

Try to speak the best words that you have used and experienced in your life and share how it helped to change your life story easily.

JAM Topics: Being 10 years old again

Being a child again is bliss. If you get a chance to go back to your childhood days and start your life with 10 years of age.

JAM Topics: Starting a New Business

The present generation is all about entrepreneurship and it is a boon at the moment which is an opportunity to develop an idea and business with a business plan.

JAM Topics: Getting Published

If you had published a book or a publisher invites you to write a book, what could be the title?

JAM Topics: Most Memorable Meal

Describe the best meal that you had with your loved ones and why is it more memorable to you?

JAM Topics: Favorite food

What is your favorite food and why?

A Second Change

What if you are given a second chance and you want to rewind and change your life?

Stand Up and Speak

Speak on any topic of your choice.

Before they were famous

Name any of your idols and describe them with a story of them before they got famous and what are the qualities that made them famous today.

Life as an object

Describe your life as it would be an object.

Just A Minute Topics and Answers

JAM Topics or Just A Minute Topics

JAM Topics: Women’s Role in Society

Women are the crucial ones in our society and equal to men. They are also working in the modern society and they have many jobs and duties to handle. So, we can’t neglect women less power or the authority. The women are created as a partner for men and they always have a look after to make her walk and lead success as a partner for the men and they are the one that has to look after to make her walk and lead success in the course of life.

Women are equal and they deserve respect. Every woman plays a responsible role in the form of a mother, sister, daughter, and wife. As these responsibilities and roles help in developing and creating a good society. They are still someone that get abused and criticized. This is not the right way to deal with them. We have seen several legal cases of domestic violence within our country. The women are facing with many other problems and it is nothing but abortion. Here is a morality where the women are sometimes not ready to become a mother and they are already left by their husbands or the boyfriends. Men cannot handle such situation and just walk away, but it is the women that have to face it and decide where they have to have a baby or aborted. Some might say that it is a wrong decision to let the women by having an abortion because they kill an innocent baby.

Some of the important JAM topics:

  • Technical fests in Engineering Colleges
  • Do we really have freedom of speech?
  • Are films only for entertainment?
  • Engineering is a right platform to take-off for a bright career
  • Are Engineering Colleges really producing professionals?
  • Fresher’s Day; is it breaking the ice?   to make people who have not met before feel more relaxed with each other, to start a conversation with someone you have not met before
  • Is there any future to languages other than English?
  • Role of youth in Global warming.
  • Examination Stress on students
  • The human being most advanced and powerful species on earth. Is that so?
  • Sometimes wars are the best solution to a problem.
  • Are we really working for our Goals?

·         Is there telephone etiquette among students?   Etiquette meaning —The rules and regulations that need to be followed in that particular environment. Etiquette in simpler words is defined as good behavior which distinguishes human beings from animals

JAM Topics

·         Staying in touch all the time is not a good thing.

·         Role of youth in Vandalism.—– (1) is to ruin or destroy someone else’s property. (2) destroy something that is not yours.

·         Role of Women in economic growth

·         Reading habits on the decline

·         Music in Telugu movies

·         Smoking and social awareness

·         Are there any peaceful ways to agitate

·         Role of students in agitations

·         Mother symbol of selfless love

·         Role of Mother in family survival and growth

·         Going abroad

·         New year resolutions are out of favor.

·         We cannot take political speeches seriously.

·         Is progress and expansion possible without threatening forests and wildlife?

·         Wisdom lies in applying knowledge.

·         Web counseling a boon or bane

JAM Topics: If you could excel at the topics mentioned here, then you have a better chance to crack the Just A Minute Session and move to the further rounds and make an impression towards the interviews. The practice with JAM topics not only helps you with the interview but also it is a good practice to improve your communications skills in the everyday life.

Sometimes, the JAM session can be the deciding round in the interviews. So, creating an impression in this round can push you steps ahead of this round. Good luck.


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