Tips to Clear Just A Minute Round in an Interview

Tips to Clear JAM Round in an Interview

Jam Topics for Interview: JAM round is basically an eligibility test in an interview where you are supposed to speak on a topic. The topic may range from a variety of things but all you need to do is appear confident. There is no expected topic or specific subject related topics. It can vary immensely. Yes, it may sound a bit scary but in order to ease your stress, we will advise you on the tricks to pass this round.

So there are generally three topics given. Amongst these, you will have to speak about one. You will get some time to prepare on spot. The interviewer will test your skills on the basis of your grammar, pronunciation, confidence, and knowledge.

Tips to clear a Jam Round

  • Calm yourself down before speaking. I you act nervous, there are a lot of mistakes that can happen.
  • Try to keep your approach clear by using simple and short sentences. It shouldn’t be too long and drab
  • In order to build your confidence, practice speaking on random topics in front of the mirror. Remember, once you can face yourself then you can face anyone.
  • Avoid repeating some phrases or words. This may appear as your limitation.
  • Be interactive so that you can showcase your confidence.
  • Be diplomatic in your approach. Show both the sides on a topic rather than picking one side blindly.
  • Smile and talk. Work on your body language.
  • You must appear like you have all the ideas so even if you don’t know much at least all the above points will ensure that you have potential.

Just a minute topics

Do’s & Don’ts – Tips To Practice JAM

Just a minute or Jam is a way of securing a job in many private firms whether it is the BPO sector or the IT. It is a quick and easy method to test the potential of a worker. In many walking interviews, candidates are asked to talk on a topic. They are not given much time to prepare for it and are asked to talk about a subject.

The topic may vary on a great scale. The article aims at informing you the do’s and don’ts of Jam so that you may clear it with flying colors. Based on the business of recruiting company, JAM sessions are organized before or after the written test to eliminate the number of candidates. In this session, a small group of candidates will be asked to describe or talk about a topic, theme, situation or an object or just a song in English. This is mainly done to test your vocabulary skills and your knowledge effluence.

What is the interviewer looking for?

The interviewer is looking for a candidate with good vocabulary skills. He or she needs to have a hold over English. So grammar skills, use of words, pronunciation are basics that you cannot go wrong with. Next, comes your confidence level. The way to project right amount of confidence is by having a humble body language and a nice smile. Then you must have eye contact with the person you are delivering this topic. This is so that you may appear as if you are always ready for any challenge. Thirdly, they test your knowledge which can be tricky. So study. Go through the newspaper, update your general knowledge.

Advantages through JAM:

JAM is quite beneficiary since it’s not about how you have done in your previous exams rather it is about how you perform in an unfriendly situation. This shows how well a candidate can face field challenges. It is the quick and easy method to even let you know what you are capable of.

Jam Topics for Interview 

Significance of JAM Session for Students

JAM or Just A Minute is a session where the person is asked to talk on a topic. This happens during interviews. In order to get better in it, students need to be prepared for it.  So you need a proper training to prepare your students.


Conduct weekly classes to make them speak on a topic. Then ensure that you make them read the news. Involve them in Group Discussions. It will boost your confidence. Take surprise tests so that their fear of speaking suddenly on any topic eradicates completely.

Reason to prepare them

You need to ensure that JAM sessions will boost their confidence. It will make them good speakers. Once they start interacting in English they will develop mastery over the language. They need to showcase their confidence. Repetitive approaches will diminish their fears and make them ready at any situations. This further makes them appear as a bright prospect in certain jobs. The JAMs would be an easy cake walk. It will never be something they fear to face.

Some trick for JAM session and topic

A completely new way has been developed when it comes to recruitment of people for a job in the private sector. The walk-in interviews always target a quick method to employ a lot of people. In order to make the right decision, they rely on the JAM topics, PI and GD rounds.

An interviewer tests a candidate’s communication skills, overall presentation skills (body ability to think of the feet, idea generation, prioritization and sequencing of ideas to display logical thinking, and his ability to connect with the panel.  Then he or she gets selected for the next round or finalized for the job as per the setup procedure of the company.

If you are looking for the right method to clear your JAMs to follow the following tips and implement:

  • Work on your vocabulary skills. Use the right grammar, pronounce words correctly and always use the right words.
  • Improvise your knowledge by reading news and knowing all the current affairs.\
  • Do mock jam sessions to boost your confidence.
  • Word on your body language. It shouldn’t appear that you are overconfident or lacks confidence.
  • You must be careful that you must not include your mother tongue even by mistake.
Just a Minute: 5 Steps to Making Fluency Fun

JAM is basically a Just A Minute round in interviews to recruit candidates. It is a quick and easy method to test the potential of a worker. In many walking interviews, candidates are asked to talk on a topic. They are not given much time to prepare for it and are asked to talk about a subject

It is conducted for students to improve their communication skills. It helps the introvert and shy students to take initiative and speak on the topic for a minute. It helps students condense the entire essence precisely in their mind, and speak only the relevant aspects within a minute.  In addition, it can be used during the teaching session as well by the teachers.  After completion of the teaching session, the teachers can ask the volunteers or handpick some students and ask them to speak what they understood about the session.


Practice makes a man perfect. Always practice speaking before the mirror. This will build your confidence. You need to be ready to talk on any matter. Start talking on a variety of subjects.

GK upgrade

Always upgrade your GK by reading the newspaper, seeing the news channel and reading the GK books. These should suit the level of your students. The best topics are those which challenge the students’ vocabulary without being too difficult.

Follow the rules

Do not make any controversial remarks on sentimental issues. Follow the guidelines. Do not cross your limits. Ensure that you speak in a humble tone and don’t get heated up in any controversial remark. Remember it is a test.


Build up your confidence. You need to make eye contact. Be humble in your approach.

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