Topics for JAM Round : Self Confidence & Corruption


jam topics- self confidence


When it comes to self-confidence then some are born with the spark of it. However, it is quite possible that all may not possess it. But despite that, it is not a hopeless scenario since all you need to do is build it by learning a new skill, setting a target or even changing the way you look. But every method is not equally effective for everyone who is why you need to understand the cause of it missing and then only you can find a way to cure this lack of you. So we will analyze three perspectives to get the problem solved

What can you do to build self-confidence?

Treat Failures as challenges: You need to change your perspective about failure. It is not something that should discourage you to take any steps further. It should be taken as a learning lesson than a stop sign in your life. Once you start taking failures as a challenge, you will learn the mature method of dealing with it. This involves taking failure as a lesson to recognize what you did wrong and how to make it right the next time.

Live and let live: Life should be taken as an experience rather than thinking it to be just a pre-planned should be adventurous and exciting rather than a lazy boring and safe story. If you are willing to take risks, then only you can build your confidence. Once that fear of failure fades away, the thirst to live life grows wonderfully. Since you are experiencing life, you will realize that everything makes sense in your life so you should never quit.


jam topics - corruption

Corruption or Social Conscience

Corruption is a malice universally spread and evidence that has survived through all circumstances in different cultures despite the differences in society. However, it cannot be denied that it has been erased in several countries. Many countries claim to have eradicated corruption. However, it is believed that in this post-modern society where everything is financially controlled by the government, corruption is quite evident and it has developed more than before. However, there is no solid logic behind such claim which is why it is just a supposition which is not backed by any strongly held proofs. The reality tells a different story. Showbox Apk

Though the effort has been made to eradicate corruption, it has not yet been completely eradicated. It is believed to exist in every sphere of society. This is generally believed to exist in the departments which are in charge of controlling the public resources.  However, most people associate corruption with the government, police, legal system and other entities to be behind this tremendous foil in the system.

The police are one of such public authorities that are responsible for maintaining order and justice in a society. Just like any other department, the police station, law enforcement departments, and courts are expected to be more corrupted than any private firm. This is because the taxpayers have to depend upon these public agencies to redistribute their money in terms of the needs they prefer to allocate. It is different in the case of a private firm since the ownership is not backed by government reliability. In a private structure, every individual is interested in controlling the investment made in monetary terms.

Thus, there is a clear incentive to control the flow of resources in that kind of organization. It is different in the case of a public organization that is not owned by any private entity. It is very socialist setup where everyone is in charge of the resources however the clear distinctions in every sphere are not made in terms of resource control.




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